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Welcome to Pros

Created officially only in 2007, PROS is, as most of us would agree, a great success and it is a real pleasure and honour for me to take over from Christian Carrie as your second President.

PROS was Christian’s idea, and we owe him and his team in Lyon as well as our first Executive Committee our gratitude for bringing the Society to where it is today. We have had some truly excellent scientific meetings, most recently of course in Venice in June. The forum, that has been such a great success, will continue, but with the addition of some “management” of the discussions and some follow-up to make it a better learning experience for us all.

We hope that you like the new website that as you see includes a space for our colleagues in the allied health professions to interact among themselves. Hopefully, too, we have got rid of irritants such as those we have all encountered when trying to renew our membership.

Your new Executive Committee has work to do. In addition to “administrative” tasks such as reviewing and where necessary updating the bylaws in order to present them for approval by the membership at the next General Assembly, we are working on strengthening our relationships with SIOP, ESTRO and ASTRO. In particular, we exploring the educational opportunities that such relationships may provide, such as joint symposia and web based educational activities.

Important dates for the coming two years include the joint ESTRO PROS Paediatric Radiation Oncology course in Brussels December 1-3, 2011, SIOP in London October 5-8, 2012, and the next PROS meeting that will be held in Louisville Kentucky USA May 7-11, 2013. Shiao Woo, armed with feedback from the Venice meeting, is already working on both the scientific and social programs and promising us a great meeting.

I look forward to seeing you at each of these events, but most especially of course in Louisville in 2013.

Carolyn Freeman


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